Curriculum vitae


1995High School, Katedralskolan, Uppsala, Sweden.
1996High School, 13th year, ESRH, Hawkesbury, Canada.
2006M.Sc., Engineering Physics with specialization Scientific computing, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2016Tekn.Lic., Scientific computing with specialization in numerical analysis, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2018Ph.D., Scientific computing with specialization in numerical analysis, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Work experience

1997-1999System administrator, part time, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2006-2018Ph.D. student, Uppsala University, Sweden.
2012-2013Researcher, part time, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Stockholm, Sweden.
2018-2019Postdoc, Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece.
2019-2020Postdoc, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany.
2020-2021Postdoc, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.
2021-presentAssistant Professor, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.


LecturingProgramming (C++); Applied Scientific Computing (CFD); Computer Programming II.
Teaching AssistantParallel programming (c, FORTRAN); Scientific Computing I; Data engineering 1.

Select presentations, workshops & conferences

2004WWDC, Apple developer conference, San Francisco, USA.
2005WWDC, Apple developer conference, San Francisco, USA.
2006WWDC, Apple developer conference, San Francisco, USA.
2006BIT Circus, Stockholm, Sweden.
2007Workshop on discontinuous Galerkin and its applications, BICCP, Beijing, China.
2007ICOSAHOM2007, Beijing, China. (link)
2007EDGE Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008WWDC, Apple developer conference, San Francisco, USA.
2008BIT Circus, Oslo, Norway.
2012Montestigliano Workshop, Fast Methods in Scientific Computing, Montestigliano, Italy. (link)
2015BIT Circus, Umeå, Sweden. (link)
2018SIAM ALA18, Hong Kong, China. (link)
2019ICIAM2019, Valencia, Spain. (link)
2019GAMM ANLA2019, Chemnitz, Germany. (link)
2019GAMM CSE2019, Ulm, Germany. (link)
2021CAM Seminar (online), Gothenburg, Sweden. (link)

Grants & scholarships

Apple developer student scholarship (2004, 2005, 2006, 2008) (Entrance to WWDC Developer conference, once including all travel, accomodations, and expenses).
Ph.D. grant of the Graduate School in Mathematics and Computing (FMB) (2006) (Full salary for five years Ph.D. + expenses).
International postdoc grant of the Swedish Research Council (Spring 2019) (Full salary for three years postdoc + expenses, 3.15 MSEK ≈ 340 kUSD).
Esseen travel grant 2020, 25 kSEK ≈ 2.7 kUSD


Managing editor for the diamond open access journal Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA).
Referee for: BIT Numerical mathematics, Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra and its Applications,Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, Numerische Mathematik, and SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.
Memberships: ILAS, SIAM, INdAM GNCS.
Prolonged absence during education due to sick leave (cancer).