Sven-Erik Ekström

I am a tenure track assistant professor (biträdande universitetslektor), since February 2021, at the Division of Scientific Computing, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

I defended my Ph.D. in scientific computing (numerical analysis) at Uppsala University in May 2018 with the thesis "Matrix-Less Methods for Computing Eigenvalues of Large Structured Matrices" (full text). Then, I was a postdoc at Athens University of Economics and Business and Bergische Universität Wuppertal, before receiveing the International postdoc grant (Spring Call 2019, 3.15 MSEK ≈ 340 kUSD) of the Swedish Research Council.

Current plans:

My main research interest is spectral analysis of matrix sequences from PDE and FDE discretizations, and other structured matrices (especially Toeplitz-like), using matrix-less methods, the theory of GLT sequences, and other techniques. I especially like non-Hermitian matrix sequences with peculiar spectral behaviour. Some current projects are,

My preferred research tools are Julia (with GenericLinearAlgebra.jl and GenericSchur.jl for high precision linear algebra and Pluto.jl for dynamic visualization and experiments), OEIS, RIES, Wolfram Alpha, a MacBook Pro 13", an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X (32 Core, 256GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2060), clusters at UPPMAX, and an iPad Pro 12.9" with Notability.

In my spare time I enjoy packrafting, collecting tools, art, books, and artifacts, and restoring my house Lilla Säteriet (built 1819) located in Ekeby by.

Contact by email for questions or collaboration.